Trillium Webinar

How Improved Data Quality in Dynamics CRM Can Grow Your Business

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You rely on the data in your Dynamics CRM environment to drive your business and make the right decisions for your company. But is the data actually impacting those decisions in ways you may not be aware?  Furthermore, how do you identify and quantify the impact of poor data quality? So many factors cause the quality of data to break down over time, and as new data is added from all over your enterprise, the problems pile up. By assessing the quality of your data as part of a valuable and repeatable process, implemented by Customer Effective and powered by Trillium Software, youll learn where to focus your data quality efforts and how to address data problems to improve upsell and business process results.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Data Quality challenges and why data quality matters
  • How poor data quality impacts your business and user adoption
  • How a Data Quality Assessment can identify and remediate issues now
  • Improving data quality and eliminating duplicates before data gets to Dynamics CRM
  • How improved data quality contributes to business results