Managing complex Regulatory Relationships

When: Tuesday, January 27th - 8:00am Eastern/1:00pm GMT

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This 30 minute webinar will demonstrate how the Hitachi Solutions Regulatory Management Solution can help you increase trust between your firm and Financial Regulators. This first session will focus on Oversight and Communication.

The relationship between organizations and regulators is more critical now than ever. There are certainly more regulations but also there are more layers of oversight across all areas making the management of your regulatory relationships complex. This is particularly true for very large banks and insurers.  

We have developed a solution to tackle the issues this new landscape has created.  During the webinar you will see how our solution that is built on Microsoft technology enables you to: 

  • Maintain oversight of material issues and major engagements
  • Manage action plans and commitments by exception
  • Keep regional and line of business heads informed to ensure consistency of message across the firm
  • Ensure your executive leadership has all the information they need when meeting regulators included securely in the executive briefing packs on their tablet device.


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