From Customer Management to Engagement: Learn How Glatfelter is Leveraging CRM to Power their Journey

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Although we've seen dramatic changes in how and when insurance carriers engage with their customers throughout the sales cycle, the tools enabling them to do so have been lacking. Traditional CRM is too focused on managing the customer and the relationship; to stay ahead of the curve, insurance carriers need to shift their attention to helping employees to engage with the customer and to build and strengthen the relationship. That means changing the way we think about CRM.
While the traditional CRM model helps managers and executives understand the overall picture by tracking customer information and contact history, managing the sales pipeline and enabling analysis of sales performance and customer data, the CSRs and salespeople entering data and updating/capturing contact histories rarely get more out of the system than they put in.
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 Tom Feher, Financial Services Industry Director, Microsoft Dynamics
 Tap Haley, Director of Insurance Solutions, Customer Effective
 Wayne Umland, CIO, Glatfelter Insurance Group
 Larissa Tosch , Application Director, Glatfelter Insurance Group