Customer Effective and Seismic Webinar

Leveraging Dynamics Data to Create Personalized Presentations

Join Customer Effective & Seismic on October 8th at 2:00pm Eastern for a FREE Webinar. 

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Seismic allows companies to get more out of Dynamics CRM, and other Microsoft products, in the financial services and insurance industries.  Join our 45 minute session to see some real-world examples of how Seismic is being used by sales and marketing teams to increase sales effectiveness and efficiency.

Benefits include:

  • Field sales has access to most up-to-date collateral at their fingertips, wherever they are
  • The compliant content creation bottleneck in regulated industries is removed
  • Your brand resonates with prospective customers because each document is personalized and on-brand


About Seismic

Seismic is an enterprise tablet app platform that enables marketing and sales teams to create, maintain and generate customized, compliant materials on demand. Branded and approved marketing and sales materials (presentations, documents, PDFs, diagrams, images, videos, etc.) are managed in a cloud-based library that provides versioning, semantic tagging, categorization, permissions, search, and filtering.Seismic's integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the full Office Suite, as well as third party data providers such as IMS, Wolters Kluwer, S&P and Morningstar makes it simple to incorporate data-driven content into all customer-facing material. To learn more, visit us at