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Leah Quartano
Convergence 2015 left nothing to be desired and there were plenty of dazzling things the Microsoft team had in store, and the Hitachi CRM team is extremely excited to FINALLY be able to talk about the new Spring 2015 enhancements....
Ivan Kurtev
Background During a session at Convergence 2015, Matthew Barbour introduced a new enhancement to the Tracing Service in the Spring release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 that greatly enhances the value of this service to developers for logging and troubleshooting...
Matthew C. Anderson
Conceptually speaking, leaders in professional services organizations see the potential value of a CRM system. After all, a well-implemented and connected CRM helps drive more effective sales efforts, a higher bid-to-win ratio, and quality and consistency during pursuits. Circulating this...

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  • Mar
  • 16
Microsoft Convergence 2015

Join us in Atlanta on March 16 - 19, 2015!

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  • 24
Managing Complex Regulatory Relationships Part 3

Join the Hitachi Solutions UK team as they discuss Processes and Escalation in this final segment of the Managing Complex Regulatory Relationships Webinar Series.

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