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Matthew C. Anderson
Conceptually speaking, leaders in professional services organizations see the potential value of a CRM system. After all, a well-implemented and connected CRM helps drive more effective sales efforts, a higher bid-to-win ratio, and quality and consistency during pursuits. Circulating this...
James Diamond
So you've written a lot of SQL-based reports in your day, and you're sitting down to write a FetchXML report for online Dynamics CRM. You realize that you need to include an optional parameter in the dataset, but FetchXML doesn't...
Matthew C. Anderson
Three days of Convergence have now come to an end (well, except for tonight's OneRepublic concert) and there is lots of great stuff to highlight. CRM 2015 for Sports and Entertainment Hitachi Solutions announced our CRM 2015 for Sports and...

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  • Mar
  • 16
Microsoft Convergence 2015

Join us in Atlanta on March 16 - 19, 2015!

  • Mar
  • 24
Managing Complex Regulatory Relationships Part 3

Join the Hitachi Solutions UK team as they discuss Processes and Escalation in this final segment of the Managing Complex Regulatory Relationships Webinar Series.

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