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Jeremy Dudley
A scenario that seems to come up a lot is one where managers want to identify a list of records that do not have a certain related record. For example, "Give me a list of all the companies that don't...
Jeremy Dudley
If you're like me, you love Advanced Find. ...But you don't love FetchXML. Sure, we've all seen this button at the top of our Advanced Find queries, but how many of us have used it? Let's take a look at...
Thomas Ledbetter
To wrap up our discussion on activity feed posts and their functionality, I'd like to share an idea that we have used with a client which is repeatable and I think useful in all environments. We all have a need...

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Health Plans and Customer Service Webinar

Join us on Tuesday, March 10th at 2:00pm Eastern to learn how Health Plan Providers are increasing their 1st call resolution metrics by using Parature, from Microsoft's self-service solution.

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Microsoft Convergence 2015

Join us in Atlanta on March 16 - 19, 2015!

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Managing Complex Regulatory Relationships Part 3

Join the Hitachi Solutions UK team as they discuss Processes and Escalation in this final segment of the Managing Complex Regulatory Relationships Webinar Series.

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