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Joel Lindstrom
Seven years ago, I wrote one of my first CRM related blog posts "Capturing Last Activity Date in CRM 4.0." The post was about using workflows to update the last activity date on a customer account or contact record. Why...
Joel Lindstrom
We have talked about goals many times on the Hitachi Solutions CRM Blog, because we think they are a great feature. In the standard goal scenario, you have a Target, an Actual value, and an In Progress value. Target is...
Joel Lindstrom
Here's a short video I recently put together showing how you can use Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1 with CRM for Phones. Sumo San Optional.

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  • 27
Managing complex Regulatory Relationships

Join the Hitachi Solutions UK team for this first installment in their webinar series: Building Trust with your Financial Regulators - Managing Complex Regulatory Relationships."

  • Feb
  • 24
Managing Complex Regulatory Relationships Part 2

The Hitachi Solutions UK team will present the second installment of their Webinar Series focusing on managing complex regulatory relationships at 8:00am Eastern.

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  • 16
Microsoft Convergence 2015

Join us in Atlanta on March 16 - 19, 2015!

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